Meural Canvas II: A Digital Masterpiece for Art Lovers Everywhere

In the realm of technology, Netgear has consistently been at the forefront. From sophisticated routers to avant-garde smart home devices, Netgear has constantly pushed boundaries. Now, branching into the intersection of technology and art, they present the Meural Canvas II Bundle, a fusion that promises art aficionados a digital gateway into both classic and contemporary art.

A Canvas for the Digital Age

At the heart of this bundle lies the 27″ HD Netgear Meural Canvas II. Imagine a canvas that evolves with your preferences, showcasing timeless pieces from Van Gogh one day and vibrant contemporary digital art the next. Surrounded by its 19X29 black frame, it effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of any room.

Passion for Art: This isn’t just any screen; it’s a tribute to art appreciation. The Meural Canvas II integrates impeccable design, advanced technology, and a worldwide appreciation for art. Consequently, every piece displayed shines in its fullest expression.

Sleek Modern Design: Perfectly tailored for diverse spaces, the canvas embodies a blend of modern and classic aesthetics. Available in two sizes, 21.5” and 27”, it also offers a variety of frame colors ranging from black to an elegant white, and even wood finishes.

Showcase Your Craft: Additionally, it offers a personal touch. You can easily upload, curate, and showcase your own photography, allowing personal memories to stand alongside renowned artworks.

Swivel Mount – A Dynamic Display Option

Understanding that art has multiple dimensions, the Meural Canvas II introduces the swivel mount. Thus, whether it’s a landscape or portrait that you fancy, switching orientations is hassle-free.

Annual Membership Card (MC327BLS) – Your Gateway to Artistic Exploration

The membership card is more than just an add-on; it’s a key to over 30,000 artworks. Spanning across various eras and styles, this curated collection ensures there’s something for every art lover.

Endless Digital Library: Furthermore, with this membership, the boundaries of art appreciation expand immensely. Dive deep into renowned museums and galleries, experiencing a myriad of pieces from the comfort of your home.

Easy Control: Besides its vast collection, navigating through the art pieces is a breeze. With gesture controls, the Meural app, and even voice commands, exploring and switching artworks becomes an interactive experience.

TrueArt Technology: Moreover, the patented TrueArt Technology ensures every artwork shines in its truest form. The WiFi-enabled 1080p HD display, combined with its anti-glare finish and adjustable backlighting, promises a life-like portrayal of each piece.


In essence, with the Meural Canvas II Bundle, Netgear beautifully harmonizes the past and present of art. It salutes the timeless nature of artistry while seamlessly embedding modern technology. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a tech geek, this bundle promises a journey of exploration and admiration. Dive in, and let every glance be a new artistic discovery.

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